YounaLuv Music Festival

YounaLuv Project Summary:

YounaLuv is a groundbreaking cultural extravaganza and music festival held in The Gambia, scheduled for December 25, 2023. Spearheaded by Max Barrett, Vice President of Marketing, Business Development, and Operations at Afrobeats Africa, the festival aims to celebrate and elevate Gambian music, providing a platform for emerging talents while offering a unique and memorable experience for the audience.

Key Project Components:

The YounaLuv project embodies Max Barrett's vision for impactful and culturally rich events, blending education, entertainment, and community engagement in a vibrant celebration of Gambian talent and music.

Your role in the YounaLuv project was as follows:

In summary, your role was instrumental in providing leadership, vision, and strategic direction for the YounaLuv project, aligning with your values of education, motivation, and positive impact in underserved communities.

n collaboration with Mr. Joof, we embarked on the Jalikasa logo project, aiming to create a visual identity that resonates with the essence of Gambian culture and the spirit of adventure. The process involved a thoughtful and collaborative approach, aligning the design with the values of Jalikasa Tours.

Key Project Phases:

Discovery and Conceptualization:

Understanding Jalikasa's identity, values, and the cultural context of The Gambia.

Brainstorming sessions to gather ideas and themes that represent the essence of the tours.

Design Exploration:

Creating initial design concepts that incorporate elements like traditional Gambian symbols, vibrant colors, and representations of nature and adventure.

Iterative design reviews and feedback sessions with Mr. Joof to refine the concepts.

Symbolism and Meaning:

Incorporating symbols that resonate with Gambian culture and the diverse experiences offered by Jalikasa Tours.

Ensuring the logo communicates warmth, hospitality, and a sense of exploration.

Color Palette and Typography:

Selecting a color palette that reflects the vibrancy of Gambian landscapes and culture.

Choosing typography that balances modernity with a touch of cultural authenticity.

Finalization and Presentation:

Presenting the refined logo concepts to Mr. Joof with detailed explanations of the design choices.

Fine-tuning the chosen concept based on feedback and ensuring the logo aligns with Mr. Joof's vision.


The finalized Jalikasa logo is a visual representation of Gambian warmth, adventure, and cultural richness. It incorporates elements that speak to the diverse experiences offered by Jalikasa Tours, making it a memorable and authentic symbol for the brand.

The collaborative process ensured that Mr. Joof's vision and preferences were integral to the design, resulting in a logo that resonates with both the local context and the spirit of adventure-seeking travelers.