Technologies & Capabilities

Core Competencies and Capabilities

We aim to simplify and automate business processes by creating solutions that can be rapidly deployed and scaled. However, this is a complex task when data is spread across different systems and needs to be able to communicate with each other seamlessly. This is where our expertise in coding, the language of data, becomes critical. Our mastery in looping, validating, querying, concatenating, and manipulating data enables us to create effective solutions that meet our clients' needs.

we have a diverse range of skills, technologies, and competencies that enable us to provide top-notch services to our clients. Our expertise includes project management, product and brand management, social media marketing, online marketing, marketing strategy, sales promotions, and incentives, customer service, call center management, employee training and motivation to achieve KPIs, technical copywriting, visual communication and graphic design, Adobe® Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. We also have advanced knowledge of HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XSL, CSS, MySQL, PHP, and Amazon AWS. Additionally, we are a registered music publisher with ASCAP and have extensive experience in market research, WordPress development, social media management, PPC campaign management, content management systems, events management, search engine optimization (SEO), web development, e-commerce, digital marketing, and Google Analytics.



"Technology is best when it brings people together."

Stone or chipbased, old or new we will find, hire, or learn the technology necessary to deliver a working solution that meets the project objectives. These are but mere tools.

Roughly two million years old, this tool, known as the Kanjera stone, was part of a new Stone Age technology that helped make better-fed, smarter hominins.*

Web Technologies

14 Year Solutions Partner

Content Management Solution

If it is not on the web, maybe it does not exist? The WordPress platform accounts for 43% of all websites. So universal, its open-source code allows web developers and programs the ability to take their talent to the max and deliver new functionality and better design.  From blogs to e-commerce, multisite, and microsites, we are a WordPress Solutions Partner.

And our skills are tried, tested, and Pro 

10 Year Solutions Partner

Online Storefronts 

An online storefront is a shopping experience for a customer, but also a inventory management, customer management, order management, product syndication and customer service. And nobody wooed us better. Our Woocommerce expertise is 10 years strong.

Database Technologies

Maria DB


Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud  Search

Our Partners

Universal Access

Utilizing programs that universally accessable around the world means work can be collaborative, iterative and repurposed.  For that simple reason we are a proud Google Partner our core platforms are:


Google Cloud

Google Meet

Google Workspace

Hosting Partnerships

Stripe Partner Program

Gooigle Partner


GoDaddy Pro