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MaximillianGroup is undergoing a significant transformation in its mindset and strategic direction. While the company was initially founded with a mission to provide measureable growth in digital markets, it has now transformed its focus to providing sustainable economic impact in underserved communities and nations. That transformation in mission can be found in several ongoing projects.

Afrobeats Africa
AfrobeatsWest™: MaximillianGroup is also making strides with its Afrobeats-Africa project, which is a record label and artist management business that provides music distribution and publishing to West African artists for free. This initiative is helping artists develop sustainable incomes and achieve greater success.

Cellular Vibrations™: Cellular Vibrations, which is being transformed into a digital marketing agency in partnership with Muhammed Dibbasey. This new agency will be the only one of its kind in the country, with marketing at its core. Unlike other ISPs that provide services such as web development or printing, Cellular Vibrations will be focused solely on marketing. MaximillianGroup will be providing coaching and support, but the staff and jobs will primarily be done by Gambians.

Grab Di Mic™: Another ongoing project is Grab Di Mic, which is the fastest-growing performance festival in Gambia. The festival features performances by poets, dancers, comedians, musicians, and closes with a hip-hop/pop concert featuring Gambia's hottest talent. Many artists are getting more exposure within Gambia because of this platform. Volunteers get help with job recommendations, and live streams of the event are raising international awareness.

Creative Projects

Spotify Music
Apple Music
Audiomack Music
Boomplay Music
Amazon Music
SoundCloud Music

CLIENT: Afrobeats Africa
PROJECT: Music Album Releases

Cover Designs: MaximillianGroup

Music Released

CLIENT: Afrobeats Africa
PROJECT: Music Album Releases

UI Design: MaximillianGroup

Web Development: MaximillianGroup

Music: West Africa's Amazing Musicians


CLIENT: Afrobeats Africa
PROJECT: Social Advertizing

PROJECT: Spoken Word Short Film Release

Producers: Cellular Vibarations
in association with MaximillianGroup

Voiceover: Obafa Onema

Spoken Word: Muhammed Dibbasey 

Video: CottonBro

Film Editing: Max Barrett

Art Direction: MaximillianGroup 

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