About Max Barrett

Emotional Connection and Engagement is Key to Business Growth

Simply having good content, creativity, or execution is not enough to capture leads and generate sales for our clients. We also emphasize the importance of problem-solving, which is a crucial aspect of our approach. We help our clients identify and address the issues that are hindering their growth, and develop effective solutions that enable them to reach their goals.

MaximillianGroup was founded with a mission to develop partnerships for sustainable economic impact in underserved communities and nations. Access to essential tools for education and economic growth is often cost-prohibitive in these areas, but MaximillianGroup has the expertise in digital marketing, social media, and creative talent management to make success a reality. With a team of dedicated professionals, MaximillianGroup is changing the landscape of economic opportunity for underserved communities and nations around the world. 

Max and his cat Sadie

Other Key Accomplishments

As a marketing and business development professional, I have expertise in a range of areas, including:

I am confident that my experience, skills, and achievements make me an excellent candidate for marketing roles that require creativity, strategic thinking, and a results-driven approach.

Project Portfolio

Successful Strategies That Drive Sales and Profitability

Max has a strong history of developing successful marketing plans that drive sales and profitability for a range of products and brands. My experience includes taking 15 major global products from initial concept to global launch, as well as creating engaging social content, writing articles, and developing six courses on lead generation and customer engagement. Additionally, my focus on exceptional customer service has resulted in increased client retention, higher customer satisfaction rates, and improved service levels. I am also skilled in hiring, coaching, and motivating staff to achieve all key performance indicators.

Max Barrett appears in San Diego's KPBS 2014 Annual Report cover. The first photo in the second row.

Max Barrett has appeared over the years in some unqiue advertizing. Above is the 2014 annual reprort for public radio station KPBS in San Diego.  He appears with his cat Sadie in the first photo of the second row.

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