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Access to essential sales and marketing tools can be expensive and difficult to obtain in underserved communities. Our offer provides businesses with the resources they need to grow and thrive. 

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Hi, I am Muhammed Dibbasey. I am 24 years old and Executive Producer of Grab Di Mic. 

MaximillianGroup helped me launch Gambia's fastest-growing performance event and concert featuring the country's top hip-hop and pop artist.

Muhammed is an ambitious 24 year old.  He is well loved within the community of Busumbala, the community where many of Gambia's young talent has emerged from.  His goal has been to unite the youth and ignite their passion such that they shift the dynamic of how Gambia focuses on the arts. 

NEW : Cellular Vibration announces it is a record label.

NOW: GDM22 | Grab Di Mic  kicks off its 3rd performance festival in Busumbala, The Gambia. This years closing concert again will feature the hottest in hip hop and rising starts - SUMMER 2022.

NEXT:  Crown Muhammed - King of Culture in Gambia as we work together to form an Arts and Culture Alliance of all the Museums, Concert Events and other cultural attracks. Giving Gambian Arts a bigger voice.

Selling Through Storytelling


It began by Muhammed Dibbasey intent on giving the young artist of Busumbala, Gambia a stage to share their talent. With just $200 in 2018 a concert for over 500 was produced. Just three years later, Grab Di Mic boast performances by the hottest hip hop artist and rising stars in Gambia and with over 2000 attendees, it is Gambia's fastest-growing performance event. Grab Di Mic has allowed Muhammed to start Cellular Vibrations a business that produces Grab Di Mic but also provides management services to artists and talent along with a record label and  copyright management.


GDM Event Sponsorship

Beyond the Brand

Brands are born of people and stories.  But brands we love and hold dear in our lives come from true connection.  There are people behind the projects and products we work with that have put more effort into achiving their goal than most Westerners can imagine. MaximillianGroup focuses on investing in projects with individuals or business that support those who make products with their hands or their voice.  Creative individuals who get out of bed every morning because their passion for their talent is the pride of their community.

Marketed Locally

Profits are second to community. We put humans before AI and education before ease. To the best of our ability, we keep the project where it starts.  That includes sales and marketing efforts which are done in foreign countries are done by people as close to the product as possible. MaximillianGroup seeks to teach in-demand job skills in social media, marketing, and business so we are not just creating jobs but transforming the ability to get better jobs. 

Giving Back to Locally

Profits for us are a must, but so is being apart of a community where ever we are present in the world.  Our clients have come up, struggling along the way and therefore it is important to them to give back and to ease the path toward success. In Gambia, internet access is limited and expensive, so our focus is on giving free access to the internet to students 25 and younger.

Training Job Skills

We all have dreams, and while we are not always as successful at our dreams as we hope, those dreams are part of our journey. To ensure that journey always leads us to a better destination, MaximillianGroup invests significantly in training. We may not realize our dream, but we can always learn and grow.

"Business growth comes from emotion and connection. It's making people laugh, cry or say “aw” to capture that fan or to engage potential customers enough to take action, buy, and get that word of mouth moment. But it is not just our content, creativity, or execution alone that captures the leads and generates sales for our clients; it's our problem-solving."

Max Barrett
President / CEO
MaximillianGroup Inc.