Who We Are

Reenvisioning Global Partnerships

MaximillianGroup was founded with a mission to develop partnerships for sustainable economic impact in underserved communities and nations. Access to essential tools for education and economic growth is often cost-prohibitive in these areas, but MaximillianGroup has the expertise in digital marketing, social media, and creative talent management to make success a reality. With a team of dedicated professionals, MaximillianGroup is changing the landscape of economic opportunity for underserved communities and nations around the world.

Muhammed Dibbasey Interviewed on Paradise 105.7 FM radio, Gambia
Promotional Flyer for Grab Di Mic, 2nd Annual Event

An Unlikely Story

Pivoting Corporate Philosophy
Started From a Facebook Chat

MaximillianGroup had always been a successful business, but when they decided to focus their efforts on partnering with underserved communities and nations in developing sustainable economic growth, they found themselves achieving even greater success and greater satisfaction in their projects. This was because the people in these communities were eager to learn and apply the business knowledge and strategies they were given.

One of the communities MaximillianGroup partnered with was the Gambia, West Africa. The people there were eager to learn and apply the business knowledge and strategies they were given. One young man, in particular, Muhammed Dibbasey, who Max Barrett, the founder of MaximillianGroup met on Facebook.

Muhammed had no formal education, but he was motivated and determined to make a difference in his community. He didn’t always see the opportunity in front of him. At the time, Muhammad was interested in hip hop and was helping to market a friend's album. He and Max began talking about hip-hop. Soon MaximillianGroup was working with him to develop his business and learn basic marketing and sales strategies to produce Grab Di Mic the fastest-growing performance event in the Gambia including a concert featuring the country's top hip-hop and pop artists. They also founded a record label distributing West African music worldwide and promoting young artists globally.

Grab Di Mic began in 2018 when Muhammed was just 21 years old. He set his mind on holding a concert to give his friend and others exposure. He asked Max where he might be able to find a sponsor. Homeless on a beach in Ventura, California, Max gave him the $200 he needed.

Now, in its third year, Grab Di Mic is planning for 3000 concert goers this year, well over the 2000 attendees, they had in their second year.

Muhammad may be about to fulfill his dream of turning Grab Di Mic into an annual event and Cellular Vibrations a music production and management company. Hard work does make the big dreams a reality. Why act so small, do big.

Muhammed's story is just one example of the positive impact that MaximillianGroup's partnership with underserved communities and nations has had. By working together, we can achieve great things and help to improve the lives of countless people.

This work inspired MaximillianGroup to do even more to help underserved communities who are struggling for economic growth. The Gambia and many of the nations MaximillianGroup wants to find partnerships with are a long way away from economic stability, but they also know that with the right attitude, motivation, and education, anything is possible. Stop acting so small, do big.